About Us

We are a family of four; Arturo, Geraldine, Benjamin and Mía Robles.  We are dedicated to helping others in need from different parts of the world. During this year’s Missionary Trip to the Dominican Republic in August 2019, we realized how important it is to start our Non-For-Profit Organization.

Arturo Robles Ministries is currently in the process of becoming a Non-For-Profit Organization with the purpose of sharing the Word of God with the world and to provide food, clothes, and essential supplies to those in need. 

Our Missionary Trip this year to the Dominican Republic in the town of Loma de Cabrera was wonderful because we were able to reach 125 homes! We bought 1,250 lbs of rice, 625lbs of beans, and 126 gallons of oil. We are very thankful to those  who volunteered and donated for this cause!

Despite this victory, we encounter other needs in the town of Loma de Cabrera.  There are many children in the community lacking clean water, toiletries, clean clothes, vitamins and other basic necessities.  

How does Modestalinda help the Ministry:

  • We help by following this business model: For every product purchased, we help a person in need.
  • The purpose of this business is to expand the ministry, to share the Gospel of Christ, to reach children and families around the world in poverty. 
  • We support Arturo Robles Ministries because it is a ministry that mainly focuses on spreading the Word of God and helping impoverished communities
  • This is how Modestalinda supports the ministry: Modestalinda pays for the boxes shipped by the ministry. The ministry ships out boxes of clothes, toiletries and food every month. 

You can follow his page @arturo.robles.ministries